​Register as an organ donor: Donate Life America 

Get the facts: United Network for Organ Sharing 

Debunk the myths: The Mayo Clinic 

Help those in need:National Foundation for Transplants 

Talk to your children: KidzWorld - The Lowdown on Organ Donation 

Spread the word - LifeCenter Northwest has some great tips on using social media, nonprofit events, political lobbying, create challenges and more

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There are many ways to help advocate the dire need for more registered organ donors.  Take a look through some of the ideas and links below or feel free to reach out to us directly with your thoughts or additional insights!

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Catchlight donates 10% of proceeds to organ donation advocacy programs and transplant related drug research and testing (please see the article at left for more information about a desensitization study by Dr. Icenogle, the co-founder's transplant surgeon, that we are very excited about)!  

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Get the whole story here! These images represent the first-draft versions of the cover.  Click on any of them to read more or order the official version in either paperback or in e-format.  

​​​"Catchlight: Perspective Through an Optimistic Lens (and true story about a heart transplant" - Book ​by Genevieve Ruth 

​​​"A Collection Of Heart" - Fine Art Prints by Genevieve Ruth.  Most of these pictures were taken shortly after my husband had recovered from receiving a heart transplant.  It was our first trip back to the local San Juan Islands and I kept seeing heart shapes everywhere I looked - the clouds, tree branches, rocks – even, well, bird droppings.  Every time they crossed my path, however, I either took a picture or simply paused to say, “Thank you.”

​​​"Have A Heart" - Apparel and Gift Collection by Nate Gunderson.  We've often wondered if when Nate painted these beautiful heart-shaped pieces over 15 years ago, he had an idea that the very images he was creating could be in the likeness of the angel donor's gift he would later hope to receive.. 

This is how the “Catchlight” series emerged.  By uniting with other artists, patients,  volunteers, and the greater community, Nate and Genevieve use this platform to share their story and messages of  hope, encouragement, and awareness.

10% of proceeds from all sales go to the Catchlight Fund, which supports nonprofit organ donation agencies and provides grant dollars for transplant-related drug research and testing.  At this time, these funds are being directed toward a desensitization study through Providence that has the potential to be of universal benefit to all transplant patients and/or those suffering from autoimmune disease.  To learn more about the study, keep scrolling.  For a complete listing of goodies, visit our Merchandise page!

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The Catchlight Mission

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After co-Founder, Genevieve Ruth's husband, Nate (right), spent three months in a hospital ICU with heart complications and ultimately required a transplant, they were both inspired with purpose, and have since been advocating the critical importance of organ donation registration.   

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