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Photography Feedback and Testimonials

"Our engagement photos that Genevieve took truly exceeded our expectations.  So much so, that we honestly had trouble choosing!  Genevieve's forethought and attention to detail were exceptional.  I've had sessions with other photographers, and they just weren't able to make me smile, relax, and have as much fun as we did with Genevieve!"
~ Meredith, Bellevue, WA

“I just got our book from our family photo session - one word: amazing. Genevieve was able to capture the true 'us' even though my son was a very busy little boy during the photo session.  Genevieve suggested the railroad museum as a location and the colors and textures provided the perfect background.  We have had so many picture sessions with other companies where I have been glad to have the photo from a milestone perspective but still not thrilled with the photos themselves... Genevieve's pictures, on the other hand, will become wall art in our home!  Inspired, artistic and breathtaking!  I highly recommend this photographer for family photos and special events.”
~ Elysia, Snoqualmie, WA

 “I recently had a photo shoot with Genevieve and was extremely pleased with the final product!  She's amazing at what she does and very creative.”
~ Stacey, Bothell, WA

  “We've used Genevieve Ruth Photography for a couple of different photo needs and it's always been a joy to work with Gen.  One of the events was a large family gathering where we need a mix of candid photos, as well as posed photo opportunities - Gen did a great job balancing the two.  Gen was very engaged with our guests and captured many unique moments. Some of her photographs for our events have become some of our most cherished pictures, ever.”
~ Regan, Seattle, WA

 “My daughter, niece and I booked a day with Genevieve and had the BEST time!  She was so fun, creative and flexible.  It was a fantastic experience with memories in print to last a lifetime.  I can't wait to do it again for the next event. Thank you Gen!”
~ Jacquelyn, Olympia, WA

 “We hired Gen to take our engagement and wedding pictures. They turned out great! We liked them so much that we decided to hire her back for our one year anniversary pictures.  For the two "sessions" (engagement and one year anniversary) she had a bunch of ideas to capture our mood or just get a unique, eye-popping picture. We had pictures taken both outside and inside her studio. The sessions were very casual and she made us feel very relaxed the entire time.  Gen is great and we highly recommend her!”
~ David, King, WA

 “Our session with Genevieve was very relaxing and fun.  There were three of us and we were all a bit nervous and excited to get some fun girly pin-ups.  I have to say she made us extremely at home from the start.  She gathered our ideas, used her amazing talent to capture award winning photos and made our time with her a day we will never forget.   Besides her incredible talent and eye for photography, she was so down to earth and comfortable that all our anxiety melted immediately.   Nothing was too much trouble for her.  I have to recommend Genevieve because of her talent and way of working with people.”
~ Sarah, Olympia, WA

 “I would highly recommend Genevieve Ruth Photography to anyone and everyone looking for professional photos for any purpose. Genevieve Ruth is a talented photographer and a pleasure to work with. She has a way of making you laugh and relax while being a trustworthy professional at the same time. She's done modeling photos for me on several occasions and she also took my sister's Senior Portraits. At our last shoot, she took the first photo and showed me the camera and I literally started to cry! I couldn't believe my eyes! She makes you feel confident and beautiful which helps you to take the best photos possible. She also has an excellent eye for the perfect shot. Not only will you come out with incredible photos for any occasion. You will also leave her studio with more confidence in yourself and be very grateful to have met Genevieve! Trust me.”
~ Marinda, Bellingham, WA

 “Genevieve is great with people which is what makes her such an outstanding photographer. The session was so comfortable and fun we actually didn't want it to end. I usually don't write reviews but had to say if you want to get shots of your family you never thought possible - talk to Gen.”
~ Nate, Snoqualmie, WA

 “My session with Gen really captured parts of me I had felt but had never seen. It was really fun and she really made the whole thing flow really well. She has a real unique eye that sees beyond the shell of your person and get deep inside you to bring out your true inner beauty. Her energy really shines and shows through her work. She is a true master in the making.”
~ Kaplan, Kalaheo, HI,

 “My family was privileged to have Genevieve take my daughters senior pictures in summer of 2010. She was super easy with my daughter and had fantastic ideas and took fabulous pictures. It was even hard for me to give them away because I loved all of them. Now my other 2 daughters tell me they won't go to anyone else for their senior pictures and I can't disagree. We are hooked on her talent... I would highly recommend Genevieve for any of your special occasions.”
~ Pam, Bellevue, WA

 “How do you make a field of lavender flowers in the sun even more beautiful?  Have Genevieve Ruth photograph them.  As our business is flowers, we wanted images to express the essence of  how one feels in the middle of a lavender field.  Her eye for lighting, movement, and nature is absolutely magical.  You can almost smell the fragrance, feel the breeze and hear the birds and bees in the moments she captures on film.  When she adds the faces of children and Gramma's, the love and wonder is almost palpable.  We have Genevieve back year after year, and without fail, she delivers new concepts & images that transport our patrons to a serene & gentle place with each photograph.  We are so lucky to experience her creativity, enthusiasm and dependability & feel she definitely has a hand in growing our business.”
~ Peggy, Olympia, WA

 “I have had the GREAT fortune to work with Genevieve on two different occasions, for two very different set of photos.  In September 2008 she was the photographer for my most special day, my wedding day! Everyone in our bridal party (including the guys!) commented on what an absolute JOY it was to work with her. Genevieve's boundless energy, professionalism and awesome attitude made the photo session nothing but fun and as my husband put it, he didn't mind smiling a hundred times, because of her style and attitude. The pictures turned out beautiful and we will cherish them for the rest of our lives.  The second photo shoot was in September of 2010 for my son's high school senior photos.  Once again, Genevieve was such a pro!  Although she was 8 months pregnant at the time, she directed my son's photo shoot with a keen eye for detail, a great sense of humor and nothing but professionalism.  She made it easy and fun for even a teenage boy to pose through several hours of photography!  The pictures and photo book we got were absolutely perfect.   We are very very proud to call Genevieve our family photographer and would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”
~ Emese, Maple Valley, WA

 “Where to start? I have so many good things to say about my shoot with Genevieve Ruth... I saw her work she did for a friend of mine (- A pin up shoot) who lives in Wa. I live in Colorado and decided to book a shoot with G.R. on one of my days I was on vacation in Wa. I anticipated the pictures for months and they did not disapoint! G.R. asked me exactly what I envisioned and she delivered above and beyond! She was fun, friendly and very professional. She directed the shoot in a fun and informal way.  I was comfortable and had so much fun! It shows in the photos. She brought out my natural smile and helped me be creative as well. Thanks to G.R. I have photos of me looking pretty "Hawwt"  ;) to pick me up when I am feeling less than sexy. Well worth the money any day... and hoping my next shoot is a family package. Thanks G.R. photography. I'm a BIG fan!”
~ Aly, Castle Rock, CO

 “Genevieve = Most Fabulous Photographer EVER!!!   It all started with engagement pics - she blew me away with her creative eye, enthusiasm, and welcoming personality!!  I'm a smidge more of a ham for the camera than my hubs but she was able to put him at ease lickity split and we struck pure gold with the pics.  We are so proud to display our engagment pics in our home and share them with friends and family.  I'm officially hooked on Genevieve and since our Engagement pics I have been back again and again for Boudoir, 40's Pin-Up, Wedding, Headshot, and Maternity pics.  Up next?  Newborn pics!!  Excited to see what she comes up with this time : )  Genevieve has become a part of our family and we are grateful she has been able to document the milestones in our life so beautifully.  I highly recommend booking your next photography session with Genevieve!!”
~ Alison, Veradale, WA

 “Genevieve is amazing! She has the ability to capture your personality in her pictures and ensures that it transfers to the film making you look fantastic at the same time. I can say this because not only have I seen her portfolio- but at several months pregnant I got to be the subject. At a time whe I didn't feel exactly photogenic- Genevieve took amazing and beautiful pictures that I still show people to this day. I wish I had been able to capture my son's pregnancy so beautifully!”
~ Amanda, Bothell, WA

 There are two kinds of pictures in life:  The kind you show your friends and the kind you wish you never took.  Genevieve takes the first kind.  Her understanding of lenses, depth and framing means she rarely needs to retouch memories, but she is also an expert at post-production.  She's awesome.
~ Anthony, Kenmore, WA

 Genevieve is one of the most talented people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. Her photos capture the essence of her subjects and brings out their inner beauty as well as accentuating their outer beauty.  Hair, make-up, costumes, she can do it all! I highly recommend her any day, for any occasion.
~ Leslie, Beaverton, OR

"I'm in love with these!  You are brilliant!"
~ AJ, Spokane, WA

"Oh Gen they are BEAUTIFUL!! I'm in love all over again!! Favorites? I don't even know where to start! Thank you thank you! " ~ Kim, Portland, OR

"Dearest Genevieve - thank you SOO very much for being our photographer for our most special day! Everyone in our bridal party (including the guys!) commented on what an absolute JOY it was to work with both you and Rachel. Your boundless energy, professionalism and awesome attitude made this nothing but fun and as John put it, he didn't mind smiling a hundred times, because of your style and attitude. You guys were truly amazing and I am so very grateful to have had you as our gals."   
~ Emese, Maple Valley, WA

"These are great! Thanks so much! It was so nice to do this at the house, and you were so quick! We really love the pictures and are excited to see the others. Even the crazy face one is great. You have taken a load off my to do list!" 
~ Wendy, North Bend, WA

"I’m impressed. Your photography is great, your passion shows in your work. A nice website too, showcases your talents and models options well!"
~ Steve, Bellevue, WA

"Thanks so much Genevieve!  I love the book! It’s now become my brag book."
~ Pam, Redmond, WA

"I love this! You are soooo talented, girl! You are so full of positive energy, I love it!"
~ Lisa, Bellevue, WA

"As always, I was impressed with your pics and the others were seriously raving about you."
~ Amanda, Olympia, WA

"Gen!!!! You are incredible! I love these pictures so much!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am that you were there doing this. happy!"
~ Bella, Seattle, WA

"Wow, you did a really good job! I can’t believe you made me look that good with no brush and little makeup! You are very talented…. I like all of them - thank you!"
~ Michelle, Seattle, WA

"I AM THRILLED!  I had a feeling that if anyone could get good photos of me - you could!  Really, thank you so much!"
~ Melissa, Bellevue, WA

"Oh my GOD, they are gorgeous, I love it love it love it!!!!  So beautiful and photogenic and Gen is again, confirmed to be incredible!!"
~ ETC, Bellevue, WA

"This picture is awesome, I am blown with your mad skills.....thanks!"
~ Alison, Spokane, WA

"I can't tell you how much I love this picture (and the girl in it).  Thank you so much for taking these. So many turned out well, but this one makes me physically smile EVERY TIME I SEE IT."
~ Anthony, Spokane, WA

"I just saw some pictures you did. They are GREAT!!  Just beautiful, she’ll treasure them forever!"
~ Jennifer, Bellevue, WA

"You did such a great job! ...the pictures are beautiful. Thank you Gen!!!!!"
~ Crystal, OIympia, WA

"Your energy and sharp eye made for beautiful pictures!" 
~ Wedding Client, Issaquah, WA

"You can now order photos from photographer extraordinaire Genevieve!  The pictures are fantastic and I'm sure you all will enjoy them."
~ Tim, Seattle