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Talent Portfolio Development

Whether you are a new or seasoned model or are just looking to break into the industry, you have come to the right place to have a beautiful, diverse and expressive portfolio created to fit your style and showcase your unique look. 

Our goal is not only to create exceptional, memorable images but also to help develop, inspire and help promote local and regional talent.  By photographing and displaying the natural and captivating beauty of the men and women we work with, we offer more exposure and networking possibilities than most local photography studios. 


If you do not have agency representation (or do but have a non-exclusive contract) and would like to be placed on our website, an appointment will be made with one of our representatives for a consultation and honest evaluation. 

In addition to having access to a private casting call board created for our models and actors, all online talent will also be invited to studio-sponsored fashion shows and promotional events without needing to audition.

Please contact Genevieve Ruth Photography to schedule a consultation.

The Northwest Post

Casting Call Board

We encourage models and talent to make as many connections as possible with various agencies and casting directors.  Post your Audition Notice or Open Call Announcement by contacting us directly.

no open call posts at this time

Aftra Seattle:
Actor's Callboard:
Annex Theatre: Audition Hotline (206) 517-0937
Atmosphere Casting:
Casting You:
Callboard Seattle:
Empty Space Theatre: Audition Hotline (206) 547-7633 ext. 3
Equity: Audition Hotline (425) 637-7332
Intiman Theatre: Audition Hotline (206) 269-1901 Ext. 351
The Seattle Stage:
The Stranger:
Tacoma News Tribune: 
Terry Terry: Audition Hotline (206) 542-4881
Theatre Schmeatre: Audition Hotline (206) 324-5621
Three Blind Artists Entertainment Group:
Open Casting:
Reel Dirt:
NY Film Net:


Actors Group (SAG Franchised)
603 Stewart St, Suite 214, Seattle WA  98121
Phone: (206) 624-9465
Fax: (206) 624-9466
Contact: Owner Tish or Jamie Lopez

Big Break Films (Film)
1800 Westlake North, Suite 305, Seattle WA  98019

Colleen Bell Modeling and Talent
14205 SE 36th St #100, Bellevue WA  98006
Phone: (425) 649-1111
Fax: (425) 649-1113
Contact: Colleen Bell

Dramatic Artists Agency (SAG Franchised)
50 16th Ave, Kirkland WA  98033
Phone: (425) 827-4147
Fax: (425) 827-1948
Contact: Liz Browning

Entco (Franchised Agent)
7017 196th St SW, Lynnwood WA  98036
Phone: (425) 670-0888
Fax: (425) 670-0777
Contact: Terry L. Quick

Heffner Management (Franchised Agent)
1601 Fifth Ave, Suite 2301, Seattle WA  98101
Phone: (206) 622-2211
Fax: (206) 622-0308
Contact: Bill Heffner

Jodi Rothfield Casting
1600 Dexter Ave, Suite A, Seattle WA  98109
Phone: (206) 448-0927
Fax: (206) 448-1016

Kid Biz (Franchised Agent)
411 108th Ave NE, Suite 2050, Bellevue WA  98004
Phone: (425) 455-8800
Fax: (425) 646-9141
Contact: Jami Schwartz

The Kim Brooke Group Model and Talent Management 
2044 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98102 
Phone: (206) 329-1111 
Contact: Jennifer

Persistence of Vision Films
(206) 505-1552 ext 8277
Contact: Boa Tran

Propane Films
PO Box 17676, Seattle WA  98107

Seattle Models Guild (SAG Franchised)
1809 Seventh Ave, Suite 303, Seattle WA  98101
Phone: (206) 622-1406
Fax: (206) 622-8276
Contact: Kristy Meyer

The Seattle Times (Audition Hotline)
Phone: (206) 464-2000 ext. 2787 -- Theatre: 1, Workshops/Classes/Jobs: 2
Film/TV: 3

Shanty Pig Productions (Film)
PO Box 22489, Seattle WA  98122-0489
Contact: Sue Corcoran and Angie Rolfs

Topo Swope Talent (Franchised Agent)
1932 First Ave, Suite 700, Seattle WA  98101
Phone: (206) 443-2021
Fax: (206) 443-2021
Contact: Topo Swope

Washington State Film and Video Office
2001 6th Ave, Suite 2600, Seattle, WA  98121
Phone: (206) 956-3206   
Fax: (206) 448-0257


Background Action (Casting)
12542 SW 27th Pl, Lake Oswego OR  97035
Phone: (503) 224-3014
Fax: (503) 224-9007

Danny Stoltz (Casting)
310 SE Fourth Ave, Suite 510, Portland OR  97204
Phone: (503) 227-6055

Extras Only (Casting)
310 SW Fourth AVE #510, Portland OR  97204
Phone: (503) 227-6055
Fax: (503) 227-6048

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