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What is a "catch light"?

These are your designers!  Nathan is the Creative Director of a fun, Seattle start-up, as well as co-founder of Straw ( and Catchlight.Co.

Genevieve is a writer, photographer, project manager, Vice President of the Snoqualmie Valley Women In Business, and specializes in cultivating marketing and business-development strategies for start-up and local business.  

We love birdies!  To us, they represent peace, music and innocence, but have the ability to fly above it all and see the bigger picture.  The heart in the wing is a nod to our co-founder's heart transplant and the purpose behind what we do.

Why so much emphasis on organ donation?

A catch light is the twinkle in one's eye that reflects the shape of the source of illumination (ie, a window or studio light).  In art and photography, this small element brings a subject to life.  We chose this as our business name because we look to the light, not only in our design work, but in life.  

behind the scenes

Several years ago, our family endured a heart transplant journey and faced unimaginable challenges. Today, ever-grateful, we advocate heartily for organ-donation registration, while leveraging our resources to provide grant money to nonprofit programs and for transplant-related drug research and testing.  It is our greatest way of paying-forward the gift we were given, and drives us with purpose.​